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17. Anna Russell Martin playing Rosaura in Life is a Dream (c) Ryan Buchanan.jpg

Images by Miheala Bodlovic

Life Is A Dream

Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh

Sound Designer

“Welcome, child. Child of the theatre. Child of the theatre of the world. We are going to tell your story.”

Following a prophecy that he is destined to become a tyrant, Prince Sigismund is imprisoned in a remote tower at birth. On reaching adulthood, he is released for one day as an experiment and emerges to discover a new and intensely confusing world, and a reality completely other to his own. The overwhelming experience provokes a tailspin of greed, resentment and anger that sees him quickly sedated and re-incarcerated, convinced by his jailors that his day of freedom was all just a dream…

Artistic Team
Composer/Music Director: Davey Anderson
Associate Designer: Alex Berry
Translater: Jo Clifford
Casting Directors: Simone Pereira Hind CDG and Anna Dawson 
Lighting Designer: Kai Fisher
Fight Director: Kaitlin Howard
Assistant Director: Andrea Cabrera Luna     
Original Designer: Georgia McGuinness
Movement and Intimacy Director: Janice Parker
Sound Designer: Calum Paterson
Director: Wils Wilson


"Jo Clifford’s adaptation of Calderón finds powerful resonances for our time in a triumphant return to live work for Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre"

- The Stage *****

"Wils Wilson delivers a high-energy version of the 17th-century play about a monstrous prince faced with the ultimate question"

- The Guardian ****

"If that's a dream, then don't wake me up."

- Whats On Stage ****

"it offers both a breathtaking romp through the interconnected worlds of theatre, politics, philosophy, love and war, and an intensely self-reflexive drama about the power of imagination"

- The Scotsman ****

"It’s a remarkable production of a remarkable play that reminds Edinburgh audiences what they have been missing for months and months"

- Exeunt ****



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