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Chess The Musical

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Sound Designer


The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Creative Team

Director: Andrew Panton

Choreographer: Darra O'Leary

Musical Director: David Higham

Designer: Kenneth MacLeod

Sound Designer: Calum Paterson

Lighting Designer: Grant Anderson


"The first thing that needs to be said about this RCS production is the high quality of every aspect of this production, and the combined result is better than many professional touring productions that I have seen in the past few years"

- Southside Advertiser *****

"The Conservatoire's music theatre cohort, under the superb direction of Professor Andrew Panton, can be proud of such a technically adept production, which really explored the complexities of the strategy game on more than one level."

- The Herald ****

"Flawless in it's execution"

- Edinburgh Guide ****

"A great experience and showcase"

- Broadway World ****

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