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Images by Peter Dibdin

Castle Lennox

Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Sound Designer

"You said small spaces encourage large thoughts... and then you locked the door."

It's 1969. Annis, a young autistic woman, is sent by her stepmother to live as a patient at Castle Lennox, where the rules of the outside world do not apply. Desperate to escape, she very quickly lands herself in trouble and makes an enemy of the nurse in charge. Feeling lost and alone, she is befriended by fellow residents who show her another Castle Lennox, a world of colour and song, one that is a welcome relief from the monotonous regime of pills and porridge. But Annis can’t help wanting to be free.

Artistic Team

Writer: Linda McLean
Composer: Michael John McCarthy
Director: Maria Oller
Associate Director: Fiona Mackinnon
Set Designer: Karen Tennent
Costume Designer: Alison Brown
Lighting Designer: Simon Wilkinson
Sound Designer: Calum Paterson
Movement Director: Janice Parker
Arranger & Musical Director: David Paul Jones

BSL Translator: Rachel Amey
BSL Consultant: Carol Robertson


"The mood of the show, therefore, has something of the texture of life itself; often brutal and heartbreaking, but also funny, beautiful, and sometimes downright magical."
- The Scotsman *****


"a fine production by any standard, led by a powerful, heartfelt, and nuanced performance from Emma McCaffrey'
- The Quintessential Review *****


"a blessing we're fortunate to witness'
 - Corr Blimey ****


"The actors’ work as a chorus is where the real magic happens"
- The Stage ****



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